Your Tool For Making Informed M&A Trading Decisions

MergerBrief provides personalized, real-time merger information to help you make informed decisions and identify trading opportunities, allowing you to create your own MergerBook, comprised of select deals of your choice.

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Each deal contains a comprehensive MergerBrief that organizes and aggregates all pertinent deal facts that are needed for deal completion. Deal facts include Regulatory Approvals, Consideration, and Source Documents.


The MergerBook is a convenient way to collect and track the deals you care about. Build your own personalized MergerBook by searching for specific deals, and tracking the ones you want with just one-click.

Calendar and News Integration

Calendars show key dates for each particular deal, inclusive but not limited to shareholder votes, election deadlines and Hart Scott Rodino expiration. Your MergerBook also provides you access to current news stories pertaining to each deal.